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Inspired by a higher quality of living I have  personally curated a collection of conscious beauty, wellness, Gifts and homewares . For mummas bubbas and everything inbetween.  To align and inspire the soul.  Discover our story and meet the people that make the brand what it is.

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Who is Luna and Beau?

Ethical. Organic. Eco-Friendly.

Hi my name is Priscilla founder of Luna and Beau.

This store was created after having my first Child Luna.

Seeking the best for my family I went on a journey of discovering how ethical, natural and eco-friendly products were the way forward for our family.

This store is the result of the research, investigation and learning. If your family aspires to live more ethically, More sustainable and with more care for the environment, then we invite you to explore these products

That's the short version, want to read more?

Looking into nature and its almost countless years on this planet and especially in our beautiful Australia, we can see it thrives, grows and supports us. Whereas chemicals and toxins destroy nature, causing damage. 

Which is why with all the chemicals, products, lotions and potions we use in today’s thriving and busy world, it’s best to look at supporting nature and using cruelty free products which help the environment, animals and people. Not hurt them or bring them harm.

Cruelty Free Products in Australia

Luna and Beau Australia, is an eco-friendly, natural lifestyle, wellness and cruelty free shop. These types of products are essential because they don’t help only animals, but they’re healthier for you, your family and the environment as well. 

We stock a curated collection of boutique and local Australian products for your pantry, home, wellness, skin, beauty and baby. We focus on low toxin and self-care products for clean living and conscious consumers in Australia, and we guarantee peace of mind that all our products, chemical free and local brands. 

Eco-friendly Products Help Preserve our Planet 

If you’re like most Australian women, then you’re among many others who demand eco-friendly and cruelty free products from manufacturers. At Luna and Beau, we ensure all products in our cruelty free shop are ethical, eco-friendly and sustainable stock from suppliers who share the same philosophy as you do. 

With many troubling factors in today’s world such as climate change, damaging weather events and global warming, many women are shifting into being a part of the solution. Which means actively investing your money into cruelty free and eco-friendly products for you and your family. Because you’re investing in an incredibly noble and changing movement which helps prevent the harm. 

By shopping cruelty free you’re supporting the change for the world to be a place which is kinder for all living animals and people which makes you feel happier and more confident about you and your family’s future. 

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We're super passionate about conscientious, ethical, luxe beauty, homewares and gifts. We've tried, tested and scrutinised everything in the store so we're confident about adding it to our virtual shelves. If you find a product that fits our vibe but we don't stock it, let us know. We'd love to hear from you. Don't hesitate to reach out to let us know brands you'd like us to stock or product you wish we had.

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