Top 6 Health Benefits of Collagen Supplements

Though commonly touted as a fountain of youth, collagen powder can provide more than just a change in your appearance.


Collagen supplements seem to be having a moment right now, but they’ve actually been a mainstay in health stores for years. Now that more health-conscious consumers are using them in their daily routine, the benefits of collagen are more talked about than ever.


Collagen itself has been touted as a pseudo-Fountain of Youth, used primarily to help eliminate wrinkles and signs of aging. There’s plenty of science to back up collagen’s effect on our appearance, particularly since collagen is naturally produced by the body. As we get older, our collagen production decreases, which is why we experience changes in our hair, skin, and even our fingernails. Surprisingly, this decrease can happen by the age of 25!


But beauty-boosting benefits aside, there are several other reasons why users are making collagen supplements a must-have addition to their daily routine. Take a look at six of the top ways collagen can boost your health from the inside out:

1. Improves Joint Health, Including Joint Pain Relief

Collagen is essential in protecting your cartilage (the rubber-like substance that protects your joints). But as collagen levels decrease, your cartilage becomes vulnerable and your risk of developing joint disease increases.


Studies have found that taking a collagen supplement can help decrease joint pain, and may build up in the cartilage to encourage the body’s natural collagen production. Another study found that participants who took collagen could better engage in physical activity than those who did not.

2. May Prevent Bone Loss

Collagen is a major component in your bones. It helps keep them strong and gives them structure. But as we age and our collagen production declines, our bones become more prone to breakage and may even decrease in density.


Studies like this one suggest that taking a collagen supplement can inhibit bone breakdown that leads to bone-related diseases, such as osteoporosis. Other studies have shown an increase in bone density in women who take collagen supplements versus those that don’t.


The results so far have been promising, but more studies may help to reveal additional information on collagen’s impact on bone health.

3. Supports Muscle Growth

Collagen is a protein that comprises anywhere from 1% to 10% of your muscle mass. Over time, we lose muscle mass as we age, but collagen supplements have been shown to inhibit this loss.


Another study on collagen’s effects on muscles suggest that collagen may stimulate the synthesis of other muscle proteins (e.g. creatine), which may promote muscle growth.

collagen heart health

4. Promotes Heart Health

Heart-related conditions, particularly atherosclerosis that can lead to a stroke or heart attack, may be improved with a regular collagen supplement. One study of 31 healthy adults found that after taking a regular collagen supplement for six months, participants had reduced artery stiffness compared to before taking the supplement.


Collagen has also been associated with raising “good” cholesterol levels, another crucial factor in improving heart health.

5. Helps Repair Gut Health

Your gut is home to nearly 80% of your immune system, and when your gut isn’t functioning properly, it can make you more susceptible to diseases, anxiety, inflammation, and even weight gain.


Collagen has been examined as a potential tool to repair a leaky gut. This occurs when toxins, infections, and food particles pass through your intestinal walls and into your bloodstream, which can cause inflammation. Over time, this may lead to an autoimmune disease.


Those who have been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease or thyroid condition may benefit from adding collagen into your diet. Your intestinal walls are made up of “villi,” which are actually made of collagen. Increasing your collagen supply may seal any leaks in the digestive tract to help promote gut health.

 collagen improves mood

6. Improves Mood

There’s a direct connection between the gut and brain. When your gut health isn’t optimal, then your brain function won’t be, either. When gut health improves, your mental health may also get a boost, including better mood, better sleep, and reduced stress and anxiety. There aren’t many studies that directly link collagen supplements and mood, but there’s plenty of science behind the gut and brain connection that supports the idea.

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