100% Natural, SLS Free Body Wash, Bath Soaks and Scrubs Australia

At Luna and Beau, we’re an eco-friendly and cruelty free online shop with the best selection of SLS free body wash products which get sourced from around Australia. We have the most extensive range of SLS free body wash products which help the wellness of your family, sustain the environment and protects animals without hurting them. 

SLS Free Body Wash

SLS, formally known as sodium laureth sulphate, is a chemical which is detergent like and has been used in skin products for decades. SLS ingredients are chemicals which produce a lovely lather and give the skin a soft and beautifully clean feel. 

If you’re like most people in Australia, then we’re sure you enjoy a beautiful think lather of soap on your body. However, using SLS products with a daily application often causes dryness and irritability. While they work well to remove dirt from the skin, they can take away your skin’s natural oils which means damage and dehydration to your skin. If you want to defend your skin from drying out and leave the natural oils in there, then make the switch to SLS free body wash today.

Stop skin irritation

SLS will strip the skin from natural oils which can lead to reactions. If you or someone in your family has sensitive skin using body washes made with chemicals can cause irritation and sensibility. While SLS free body wash products use plant based and natural ingredients which naturally foam and still create a satisfying lather without the harm.

Protect the environment 

Our SLS free body wash products sourced from businesses in Australia only get made with 100% natural ingredients which means they’re non-harmful to the environment as well. During the use of SLS based body washes, the disposal of the lotion causes a threat to our beautiful environment. So at Luna and Beau, we believe it’s best to avoid products which create negative environmental repercussions. 

Shop today for beautiful, lathering, soft and satisfying SLS free body wash products. Our range of body wash products are 100% from Australia, natural and eco friendly too.