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At Luna and Beau, we’re an eco friendly and cruelty free online shop with the best selection of moisturiser products sourced from around Australia. We provide the best in cruelty free moisturiser products which help the wellness of your family, sustain the environment and protects animals small and large from abuse. 

Cruelty Free Moisturiser

At Luna and Beau Australia not only are all our moisturiser products cruelty free they’re all made with natural ingredients which means no animals get harmed in the creation of our products, and they’re gentler on the skin too. 

If you’re like most Australian family’s you or a family member may be prone to sensitive skin, get easily irritated or even have allergy prone skin. If this is the case, then our natural and cruelty free moisturisers contain fewer ingredients which cause skin aggravation or reactions. 

At Luna and Beau, our cruelty free moisturiser products not only support the safety of animals in Australia large and small but help sustain the environment because all our ingredients are natural and eco friendly as well. 


Why use cruelty free, practical and conscious moisturisers?

Animal testing is nasty.It’s true,
animals used for cosmetic product testing get abused. Many of the tests are painful and put animals through torturous acts like force feeding and get given lethal doses of chemicals where most live painful lives stuck in laboratories and never see the sunlight until they eventually die. 

 Cruelty free moisturisers are better for the environment. 

Choosing this type of skincare helps protect the environment. Animal testing facilities use tons of energy for their experiments and discard millions of dead animals per year along with hazardous materials which pollute waterways and contaminates our soil. Which means as well as protecting our beautiful animal’s life you’re supporting, sustaining and maintaining the environment too. 

If you’re looking for cruelty free moisturisers which don’t harm animals, are eco friendly to protect the environment and made from 100% natural ingredients then shop our range today which are all sourced locally from Australian businesses.