Cruelty & Silicone Free Hair Products in Australia

At Luna and Beau Australia, we’re a complete eco-friendly cruelty free hair products shop. We source the best in natural and silicone free hair products which look after the wellness of your family, sustains the environment and protects animals without harming any of them.

Cruelty Free Hair Products in Australia

In Australia, all creatures, no matter their size or species, deserve to live a life free of pain, torture, not being contained and seeing the sunlight. Unfortunately for laboratory animals, this isn’t the case. Animals which get used for cosmetic and beauty product testing are stuck in small cages, pocked and stabbed, given needles and live unnecessary cruel and painful lives. This horrific treatment gets delivered to animals so humans can use the beauty and cosmetic products we know and love.

At Luna and Beau, we believe all animals should have the right to live happy and painless lives which is why we source and sell the best cruelty free hair products from around Australia. If you’re like most Australians, then you’re starting to take action and put a stop to animal testing by purchasing cruelty free hair products for you and your family.

Our cruelty free hair products go beyond looking after the welfare of animals and the planet because all our products are also eco friendly. And we have a broad range of silicone free hair products as well so you can look after the environment and the wellness of your family too.


Why you Should Switch to Cruelty Free Hair Products

Join the revolution in Australia of people switching to cruelty free hair products to protect our environment and keep animals free and safe from harm.

Animal testing is cruel. Not only do the animals get confined to small cages but they get put through a horrible, torturous and painful tests which are unforgiving.

It’s not necessary. There are already thousands of safe products which can get used in shampoo and other beauty products. They’re already proven safe, which means animal testing doesn’t have to be a necessity. By supporting cruelty free, you’re supporting hair product companies in Australia which are eco friendly and respects the environment and its animals.

By supporting cruelty free hair products in Australia, you’re helping sustain the environment and support local businesses which hold the same philosophies as you. Take a look through our natural, eco friendly and cruelty free hair products today and join us in making a difference.