Cruelty & Chemical Free Perfume & Deodrant Products Online

Luna and Beau Australia is an eco-friendly and chemical free deodorant and chemical free perfume shop. Where we source the best eco friendly products from around Australia so you can look after the wellness of your family, protect them from harsh chemicals and help the environment as well.

Chemical Free Deodorant

With more studies getting conducted concerning the chemicals entering our bodies, using hard deodorants which seep into your pores can give you health issues and harm your body. While correlation doesn't always equal causation, at Luna and Beau chancing a risk to you and your family's health isn't worth it. When there are friendlier choices to reduce risk, we believe it's a better option to go chemical free for the wellness of all Australian families. 

Chemical free deodorants are better for the health of your skin. They also contain plant-based moisturisers which treat your underarms, a delicate area of skin. Natural ingredients leave your skin smooth and less prone to irritation and discomfort. Chemical free deodorants don't block your pores which means they let the good bacteria which sits on our skin work, so it helps to reduce odour and allow your pores to breathe. 

If you're like most Australians, then you most likely worry about the welfare and protection of animals. If this is the case then at Luna and Beau, all of our products are cruelty free, so by purchasing from our locally sourced online shop, you're also buying cruelty free deodorant that protects animals large and small and helps the environment as well.  

Cruelty Free Perfume

Our range of chemical free perfumes locally sourced from Australian businesses don't contain harsh toxins which can cause skin sensitivity and irritation. Further to this, synthetic smells can also produce headaches and nausea. Which is why using natural perfumes help the wellbeing of your family. 

Sourcing the best of cruelty free perfume products help the environment and support the safety of aminals and the conservation of our planet. Because chemicals and toxins from perfumes cause environmental damage which is why all of our sourced scents are 100% cruelty free perfume products.

Shop below now for our beautiful range of natural, chemical free and cruelty free deodorant and perfume products.