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elcome to Luna and Beau’s wholly eco-friendly and cruelty free online shop with the best selection of cruelty free skincare products locally sourced from around Australia. We find the best in cruelty free skincare, which promotes the wellness of your family, sustains the environment and keeps animals away from harm.

Cruelty Free Skincare

If you’re like many people in Australia, then you’re leaning towards buying cruelty free products for you and your family because you want to make a difference for the future of our planet. 

Switching to cruelty free skincare means you’re protecting animals and stopping them from living torturous, painful and cruel lives. Because animals which get subjected to laboratories often never see natural sunlight and live painful existences where they get confined to small spaces until their impending death. Animal testing is cruel and more people in Australia are standing against it to make a change.

 Further to this, animal testing is unnecessary and often unreliable as well. Believe it or not, animal testing isn’t still needed anymore because there are thousands of ingredients which have already been proven safe for use on human skin and the face and don’t need any more experimentation. Which means all the components we already have available for use are reliable, so further testing on more ingredients just isn’t required. 

 And for more, animals are not people. We do have different genetics and skin, which means humans process chemicals and ingredients differently anyway. For elements which still need to get tested, there are alternative methods such as using humans cells which keep animals safe from abuse and provide more accurate results as well. 

Cruelty free skincare is more beneficial for your skin because they get made from natural and usually plant derived ingredients which are safe for use on you and your family’s skin. We have an extensive range of moisturisers which support various types of skin. Such as products which are ideal for oily skin and don’t clog the pores as well as moisturisers for the face which benefit acne and pimple prone skin too. 

Shop our range below for the best in locally sourced and cruelty free moisturisers from around Australia.