Cruelty & Chemical Free Sunscreen & Tanning Products // Australian Brands.

Welcome to Luna and Beau Australia. We're an eco-friendly online shop where you can find the best in locally sourced chemical free sunscreen products. Using chemical free sunscreen is better for you and your family's skin, wellbeing and better for the planet too. 

Cruelty Free Sunscreen

If you're like most people in Australia, then we're sure you love summer. Long days at the beach or by a pool but you also want to remain sun smart. We know many sunscreens contain harsh chemicals which can be damaging to the skin and cause irritation as well as clog the pores on the face causing your face to react and break out. 

Due to this, at Luna and Beau, we want all Australian's to protect their skin from the sun. As well as protect you and your family's skin and our beautiful marine life, coral and the environment overall. Preserving everyone's wellbeing and the environment as well is why we've sourced the best of natural sunscreens and cruelty free sunscreen products so you can look after yourself, your family and help sustain the environment.

Non-toxic and chemical free natural sunscreens avoid harsh ingredients and substances which damage coral and harm our beautiful marine life. Further to this, at Luna and Beau, we source the best sunscreens from around Australia which are 100% cruelty free and not tested on animals, so you're protecting creatures large and small. 

Our Chemical free sunscreen range is locally sourced and made with natural ingredients which means they avoid harsh chemicals. They're also excellent for use on people with sensitive skin. Because using sunscreens made with natural ingredients such as titanium dioxide is excellent if you or your family is prone to acne and blemishes. And zinc oxide, along with other naturally sourced ingredients provides natural protection against UV and pollution. So you can protect your family's skin from harm and help look after coral and marine life as well.

Shop our beautiful range of natural sunscreens locally sourced from around Australia today.