All Natural Cruelty & SLS Free Toothpaste in Australia

At Luna and Beau’s completely eco-friendly online shop, we source the best selection of cruelty free toothpaste products locally sourced from around Australia. We find the best in cruelty free toothpaste which helps the wellness of your family, protects the environment and guards animals. 

Cruelty Free Toothpaste

If you’re like most people in Australia, then you and your family members probably don’t like going to the dentist. It’s a necessity, however, much like brushing your teeth but think of going to the dentist as something delightful compared to the experience animals encounter when they get subjected to horrible and painful testings of toothpaste chemicals in laboratories. 

In saying this, there are many options for cruelty free toothpaste products which we’ve sourced from local suppliers in Australia for you and your family so you can be a part of the cause and stop animal cruelty today. 

What’s even better is cruelty free toothpaste products are all made from natural ingredients which means they’re also better for the tooth health of your family and they help protect the environment as well. 

All natural ingredient Toothpaste

The elements used in cruelty free toothpaste are natural and clean your teeth harmlessly. Toothpaste made from natural ingredients doesn’t have chemicals or synthetic ingredients which can harm your body, and they contain no dyes or artificial ingredients. But don’t worry, these natural ingredients still clean your teeth gently and effectively while fighting off bacterias using the power of plant extracts and natural minerals.   

Toothpaste products made with natural ingredients still keep your breath refreshed the same as ones made with chemicals. Natural toothpaste uses the power of oils which freshen the breath naturally, such as spearmint and tea tree, which organically cleanse the breath. 

If you’re looking for the best in natural and cruelty free toothpaste products sourced from Australia then shop at Luna and Beau today.