About Luna and Beau

Luna and Beau was born out of a desire to not only be part of a more ethical, sustainable and eco-friendly world, but to provide a curated and trusted resource of conscientious beauty, fashion, baby products, homewares and gift wear that supports the planet and those who live in it.

Our actions will either destroy or save the world. The power is in our hands.

I believe in big ideas, bold moves, supporting local, ethical and eco-friendly

Pricilla McGringle: Luna and Beau. Ethical, Sustainable Products for home and living.Hi, my name is Priscilla, founder of Luna and Beau.

This store was created after having my first child Luna. Having a child is so rewarding but also intensely demanding.

Like you, I wanted the very best for my child and wanted to give her the best possible support I could. I endured late nights, early mornings and was multi-tasking and juggling hard - trying to squeeze everything in and be the best mother I could be. Eventually I realised I had completely forgotten to look after myself.

My energy and body were so depleted that everything else in my life started to suffer too. I was physically and mentally exhausted - my soul was tired. With depleted energy and an undernourished soul I realised I couldn't possibly give my daughter or my partner my very best if I couldn't look after myself. With that as my motivation, I launched myself into a quest of self-care to improve the quality of our family’s life.

I started making different choices, questioning where my products came from? What was in it? Who made it? Who am I supporting by making this purchase? How will this purchase affect my family? How will this purchase affect someone else's family?

With so many products available it’s really about making smarter choices. By purchasing cheaply manufactured products from China or similar our money goes towards a product that was cheaply made, using poor quality materials, production  methods and on to many occasions, in a factory with poor working conditions and workers earning below minimum wage. In general the manufacturers consideration for ethical, eco-friendly, non-toxic product is not a priority. By purchasing these products we are actively encouraging that behaviour. We can do better.

The decisions we make for today have the power to change the future. Are you supporting someone's family who is invested in what goes into their products or are you supporting a factory that utilises low cost country sourcing (LCCS) and cares more for profits than humanity?

If we look to nature, it thrives grows and supports us - chemicals and toxins destroy. I wanted to create a store that would help the environment and its people - not harm them.

Through all my research I realised Indigenous Australians had it right all along. It all starts with our environment.

Indigenous Australians have a profound spiritual connection to the land and their environment. They live with the land rather than living off it. Health is a holistic concept that encompasses the physical social, emotional spiritual and cultural wellbeing.

What if we changed the way we purchase? Changed the way we view our consumption? Demanded ethical and eco-friendly products from our manufacturers?

Are you invested in our future? Every dollar you spend casts a vote on how you want the world to be.

Our Business Ethos

We provide eco-friendly, sustainable, ethically produced Australian products. We focus on natural ingredients to nourish and support a higher quality of living. We believe in supporting the environment that supports us as it is essential for future generations.

We Are Growing

We are constantly expanding our range as we discover new ethical Australian brands.

If you’re looking for something new, you’re in the right place. We strive to be industrious and innovative, offering our customers something they want, putting their desires at the top of our priority list.

The eco-conscious consumer is a growing market as shoppers increasingly demand more from their products and their manufactures. Luna and Beau promises to bring you only ethical, eco-friendly and sustainable products from suppliers and brands with a sound philosophy.

Our strict adherence to the Luna and Beau business ethos ensures that not every product that swings by our desk makes it into the Luna and Beau store, so you can be assured that products you find on our website have passed our scrutiny for eco friendliness, sustainability and ethical manufacturing.

We are constantly finding, researching, assessing and testing new products.

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Priscilla x

Priscilla McGringle. Natural, Ethical and Organic Product for Australian Families