KOALA ECO Stainless Steel Cleaner 500ml

Powerful All-Natural Stainless Steel and Chrome Cleaner Made From Pure Essential Oils 

100% Biodegradable and Plant Derived  

It is specifically designed to clean your stainless steel and chrome with little effort.  The dynamic and hardworking, eco-friendly formula effectively cleans cutting through grime and grease and film. Leaving your stainless steel polished and smear free without the need for harmful toxic chemicals.

Keeping you and your family safe. Perfect to be used on all stainless steel and chrome surfaces in the laundry kitchen and bathroom. The fresh, clean, refreshing scent of 100% Pure Australian Peppermint essential not only smells fantastic but has natural antiseptic properties. It will disinfect, remove grime and deodorize. Leaving your stainless steel looking clean and bright. 


  •  Easy to Use Spray Bottle
  •  Clean, Refreshing Scent Using Pure Essential Oils
  •  Removes Harmful bacteria and Kills Germs 
  •  Effective and Powerful 
  •  Environmentally Friendly 
  •  Refillable and Recyclable 
  •  Non-Toxic 
  •  Vegan and Cruelty Free·
  •  Palm oil Free 
  •  Grey Water Safe 
  •  Free of Dyes, Masking Agents, Synthetic Perfumes, Chlorine, Bleach,   Sodium Laurel Sulfates & Phosphates.


Shake well and spray on to a clean lint-free cloth rub onto the stainless steel or chrome surface and buff dry.


Buy this stainless steel cleaner as a natural alternative for Chemical filled foul smelling, harmful toxic cleaners.  Make the change to benefit your family and the environment. Its time to ditch and switch. 




Australian Peppermint (Mentha Piperita) essential oil, Australian filtered water, sugar-based biodegradable alcohol, bicarb soda, plant-based biodegradable soap, plant-based food-grade biodegradable solubiliser.