Macro Friendly Cookie Mix Triple Chocolate Chunk (Vegan Friendly) 300g by Macro Mike

Nutritious and 100% plant-based protein and gut-friendly snacks that help you reach your weight gain or loss goals!

No one can't resist chocolate chip cookies, right? We bet that you will fall in love with Macro Mike's delicious Macro-Friendly Cookie Mix Triple Chocolate Chunk. This satisfying and nutritious cookie mix gives you all the chocolatey-goodness you crave and more! Whether you're counting macros to lose or gain weight, this cookie mix is a great alternative for an after-workout snack. Australian-baked with macronutrients in mind, this cookie mix boasts of 100% natural ingredients, plant-based protein, and gut-nourishing fibre. We won't judge if you finish this 300g pack in one sitting!

  • Macro-friendly cookie mix triple chocolate chunk
  • Made with 100% plant-based protein and gut-nourishing fibre
  • Each pack weighs at 300g
  • Each pack makes 15 cookies or 1 giant skillet cookie
  • Per Cookie – 61 cal, 8.5g carbs, 3.3g protein, 1.5g fat.

How to enjoy this cookie mix:

Dip the cookie into your morning coffee, eat as a dessert after a meal, create cookie sandwiches or enjoy with your favourite macro-smoothie bowl.


Ingredients:rice flour, raw cacao, peanut flour, coconut flower nectar, pea protein, erythritol, rice protein, vegan choc chunks (cocoa butter, raw sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa powder, rice syrup, vanilla extract, sunflower lectin), coconut milk powder, natural flavours, GF baking powder, guar gum, Himalayan rock salt, stevia.


Allergen Infomation: Contains peanut flour & coconut