Double Sided Tan Applicator Mitt by Eco Tan

The perfect self-tanning applicator, our Double-Sided Tan Applicator Mitt helps spread self-tanning products easily, evenly, and hassle-free.

For a flawless application of our self-tanning lotion and water, use our Luxurious Double-Sided Tan Applicator Mitt. Protect your hands and skin from unnecessary too-dark or "bald" patches when applying one of our self-tanning lotion, creams, mousse, and even water spray with this handy-dandy Double-Sided Tan Applicator Mitt. Made from natural and recyclable fabric and material, this self-tanning accessory is truly a must-have for self-tanning lovers. 

  • One side of this tan applicator mitt is intended for our certified organic tanning waters
  • One side of this tan applicator mitt is for our certified organic creams and mousse
  • One size fits all
  • Professional tanning results every time
  • Reusable and can be easily washed!