Sniffles and Cough essential oil blend by Lively Living 10ml

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A Blend for Cough, Blocked Noses And Sleep  Using 100% Pure Essential Oils.    

 Mother & Child Collection was created for those special moments in life to provide ease, enjoyment & wellness for mum and bub. 

This beautiful blend created especially for everyone in the family. To help assist in alleviating the symptoms of coughs colds and flu and congestion. It will support in creating a space that is nurturing and calming ideal for rest and healing.  Promoting feelings of relaxation and wellness.this unique blend contain no fillers or synthetics.

  • Sweet Marjoramhas a  warm herbal aroma is known for its antiseptic, antiviral, and bactericidal properties, used for treating symptoms of colds and influenza. Ultra calming helps to deal with hyperactivity and sleep.
  • Organic Sweet Orange is sweet and has a very delicate citrusy scent that is uplifting, worry reducing, and immune boosting.
  • Organic Thyme linaloolfresh sweet woody and herbaceous centering, strengthening, and calming help to boost the immune system aid in respiration and ward off seasonal illness.
  • Virginian Cedarwood,with its woody and slightly sweet aroma, has antimicrobial properties and eliminates a cough and removes mucus from the respiratory tracts and lungs.
  • Olibanumhas a woody, spicy smell with strong antibacterial properties helps to kill bacteria and other microbes that might cause infection or illness.


  • 10ml
  • 100% Pure Essential Blend 
  • Blended in Australia 


Buy this 100% pure essential oil to create an atmosphere that is ideal for those who have been unwell with symptoms of colds and sniffles.  It allows a safe space to rest calm and heal and clear the sinuses.