Star Grazer Silicone Divided Plates by Little Woods


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Divided Plate With 100% Food Grade Silicone 

Mealtime will become a breeze, and your little ones will love using the star grazer with its cute star design. 

Making mealtime fun food looks more exciting and appealing to little ones.  A durable plate that can hold a variety of foods keeping it separate makes it great for fussy little eaters.

  • Divided Plate is perfect for separating foods and sauces for fussy eaters.
  • Easy to clean just put in the dishwasher (top shelf only) or hand wash
  • Durable, stain resistant, and doesn’t harbor bacteria. 
  • Resistant to age, sunlight, moisture, and chemicals.
  • Oven, microwave, and freezer safe it can withstand high and low temperatures, allowing it to go from the freezer to the microwave or oven(up to 240 degrees Celsius). 
  • Silicone can evenly distribute heat and the ability to cool instantly after heated.
  • Anti-slip won’t move around like other materials.
  • Non-toxic – made from high food grade 100% Silicone.
  • Free from BPA and other toxic substances.


  •  Pink or Mint color 
  •  Dimensions: 24cm from point to point.   
  •  Australian owned, Responsibly made in China. 
  •  Perfect to use with Little woods First Tencil

Tip: While Little Woods items are dishwasher safe, we do recommend hand washing with a mild detergent and warm water and rinse immediately afterward. Stains may be removed by washing with hot soapy water or by using the bottom rack of the dishwasher.

Put the excitement back into mealtime with this easy to clean star-shaped plate that little ones will LOVE.